Featured Speakers :

Mr Suhail Bin Tarraf
Chief Executive Officer
Venkatvardhan Sampath
Director of HR Shared Service
Standard Chartered Bank
Shamma Al Rahmah
Manager, Planning & Customer Management, Shared Services Centre

Delivering back office cost reductions, improved efficiency and better customer service for companies in the Middle East

Welcome to Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Middle East, brought to you by SSON, the world’s largest network of professionals in the Shared Services, Finance, HR, BPO and IT domains.

This conference brings together the Middle East’s top practitioners in shared services with inspirational success stories which you can take and apply to your own business.

Whether you are in the planning and launching phase of SSO, or you have a mature operation and are looking to take it to the next level, Shared Services Week includes presentations covering almost every angle of how to reach your shared services goals.

Key benefits of attending SSO Week Middle East:

  • Increase the success level of planning and launching shared services operations by learning from experienced practitioners who have successfully launched their own.
  • Evaluate and improve your own organisation’s SSC by benchmarking your operations against others.
  • Enhance customer service through incorporating automated functions and developing a holistic, grassroots approach to interacting with the customer.
  • Convince your customers and your board of the continued value of shared services by adopting a range of measurable KPIs.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency by launching a shared services operation.
  • Identify and adopt multiple methods of charging for shared services operations in order to increase transparency and confidence with your customers.
  • Incorporate tried and tested change management principles to ensure a smooth transition to your new shared services model.

Who should attend Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Middle East?

Anybody whose professional responsibility is to reduce costs, increase efficiency and customer service with regards to finance, HR and IT will find enormous benefit in attending this conference. The typical job titles are:

  • CFO
  • Head of Shared Services
  • Director of HR Shared Services
  • Director BPO
  • Head of payroll
  • IT Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Controller
  • Head of Customer Services
  • Head of Process Excellence

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